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Trans military ban reportedly on hold due to North Korea threat

Word on when Trump's Guidance Policy will be delivered to Defense Secretary Mattis has not, thus far, been forthcoming.

Marilyn Drew Necci | August 9, 2017

Remember that rhetoric about “the impact” transgender soldiers might have “on military readiness”? Looks like concerns like that go up in a puff of smoke once an actual military threat starts rattling sabers. As you may have heard, North Korea recently issued a threat to attack Guam. Medium-range ballistic missiles that North Korea possesses have the best chance of reaching Guam, out of any United States territory. The tiny island in the western Pacific is 4000 miles west of Hawaii, and lies only 2000 or so miles from North Korea.

This is obviously big news, especially with a big-talking president like Trump in power. His “fire and fury” response to the Guam threat is getting a lot of coverage, so you’ve probably heard about that, and I’m sure anyone who has any opinion about the United States’s involvement in any military conflict feels some type of way about it. But what does it have to do with the transgender troop ban?

Well, the original plan was for Trump’s “Guidance Policy For Open Transgender Service Phase Out” to be delivered to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis yesterday. However, once the North Korea news broke, this task apparently did not get carried out. And now the Los Angeles Blade reports that according to a source, “no one at the White House or Pentagon is thinking about the transgender military ban at the moment.” Apparently with a possible military conflict on the line, no one is too worried about what gender the soldier next to them was assigned at birth.

Which makes sense, if you think about it. After all, from the Union Army during the Civil War to the Roman armies of antiquity, transgender soldiers have fought with honor alongside cisgender comrades. Why should it be any different now? Certainly the majority of Americans don’t have a problem with it either, according to a Reuters poll. 58% of those polled agreed that “transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military.” Which means that Trump’s “Guidance Policy For Open Transgender Service Phase Out” isn’t exactly giving voice to the silent majority or anything.

As far as its eventual delivery to the Secretary of Defense, the date is unclear at this moment. I suppose we’ll see what happens once the latest hubbub with Kim Jong-Un dies down. Or, potentially, boils over into outright conflict (god forbid). See y’all on the other side.