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The Greatest Singer in All the World Doesn’t Have Time for Your Gender Binary

With her new children's clothing line, Celine Dion makes the conscious choice to steer away from styles that reinforce the gender binary. We'd expect no less from the best singer ever.

Ash Griffith | November 19, 2018

Celine Dion is the greatest singer in all the world. She is also a mother and, now, the owner of her own clothing line that tells the gender binary where it can shove it.

This week Celine Dion released her collaborative line with alternative children’s clothing company NUNUNU. Known as CELINUNUNU, the line doesn’t pigeonhole children into gender stereotypes, but rather lets them discover their own individuality and identity before anyone thrusts constructs like BLUE FOR BOY and GIRLS WEAR PINK in their faces.

The idea came to Dion while she was on a family trip to Disney World. It occurred to her that her sons weren’t going for the superheroes, as she’d expected, but were instead excited for the princesses and Minnie Mouse.

“And then I said, ‘But what about Mickey?’” Dion told CNN in an interview. Her children replied, “‘Oh, we like Mickey, but can we be …’ and I end up saying to myself, ‘You know what, it’s OK.’ You know why it’s OK? Because they’re talking, they’re finding themselves.”

Naturally, the video for the clothing line is pretty badass all on its own.

It opens with Dion just waltzing into a hospital (that somehow magically has no power and no one in it except babies, and two doctors. Oh, okay). She stops in the room with newborns and sees that they are separated by gender and forced into wearing last year’s robin’s egg and salmon. Dion decides she won’t stand for that. She blows her magical black glitter and suddenly they are freed of gender binary oppression and decked out in pretty killer black and white star onesies.

And then the security finally show up to remove her as she proclaims “I AM CELINE DION.”

Because she is, okay. And she is the greatest singer in all the world.

CELINUNUNU is available now, and can be purchased at celinununu.com.