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Target Selling Same Sex Union Cards Nationwide

Need a card for two special men? Or two special women? The retailer is now selling these greetings in stores nationwide.

Michael Hamar | July 18, 2012

Yep – Richmond stores have these stocked.  GAYRVA.COM spotted this at the Target on Libbie & Broad.

The list of boycott targets for American Family Association and the One Million Bitches crowd just got longer. I can just imagine the spittle that will be flying when these gay haters realize that Target has added cards for same sex unions to their greeting card inventories nationwide. Maggie Gallagher and Linda Harvey will have a cow and Robert Knight may well blow a gasket. With a huge national retailer like Target making this move, it’s yet another sign that over the longer term the hate “family values” groups and professional Christian set are losing the marriage equality battle. Here are highlights from LGBT Nation:

MINNEAPOLIS — Placed on greeting card racks under the headings of “For two special men” and “For two special women,” Minneapolis-based Target Corp. is now stocking greeting cards to celebrate same-sex unions…

The cards are addressed to: “Two very special women, one very special love” and “Mr. & Mr.” and included greetings which include “…a love story whose time has come! Congratulations.” 

Company spokeswoman Molly Snyder said that “Target is focused on diversity and inclusivity,” and now offers a range of greeting cards that appeal to a variety of audiences, including the LGBT community.

 The cards are made by Carlton Cards, a unit of American Greetings, whose spokeswoman Patrice Sadd said the company and Target jointly decided to offer “wedding cards relevant for everyone…”