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OPINION: I’m Glad Blaire White Got A Drink Thrown In Her Face

Even if it was staged, there are a lot of good reasons for it to happen.

Marilyn Drew Necci | November 20, 2017

I’m sure you just looked at that headline and thought, “Who is Blaire White and why should I care?” A worthy question. Outside the world of YouTube bloggers and other internet drama-hounds, White isn’t that well-known. A trans woman who uses her YouTube channel, which has over 350,000 subscribers, to espouse conservative and even borderline alt-right ideas, White could easily be described as the transgender Milo Yiannopoulos. Yeah, that’s the sort of person we’re dealing with here.

White has most recently drawn attention with a recent video posted to her channel in which she and her boyfriend walk around their hometown of Los Angeles sporting Make America Great Again hats — she calls this a “social experiment,” and swears “this is not us trying to be edgy, conservative, sticking it to the libtards of Hollywood.” Sounds fake, but OK.

After a mostly-uneventful journey through West Hollywood, which White calls “the gay area of Hollywood,” they head for Hollywood Boulevard. There, they wind up at an anti-Trump protest, where they attempt to take selfies while wearing their MAGA hats, with the protest as a backdrop. This of course results in an altercation that ends with White attempting to retrieve her MAGA hat while an anti-Trump protester stomps on it. In the course of this whole event, the protester breaks one of her nails.

The video ends with White attempting to record a summation of the events that occurred that day, “what they learned” or whatever. She does this standing on a street corner, still wearing her MAGA hat. Suddenly, a random passerby throws a drink in her face, seemingly out of nowhere. Over at Snopes.com, investigation has determined that the Trump rally fracas was actually touched off by White and her boyfriend, Joey Sarson, crossed a police line intended to separate pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters.

White didn’t file a police report relating to either the Trump rally incident or the drink-throwing incident, leading Snopes to speculate that the drink throw may have been staged, though there’s no actual evidence of this. Regardless, after the drink-throwing, White and her boyfriend, both full of shock and indignation, return home and clean up. Sitting on their couch, they finally record a complete outro, during which Sarson says, “You can’t wear a Trump hat in Hollywood.” Watch the whole thing for yourself here:

Conservative news sites are eating this up, and have made White’s video a bit of a cause celebre, thereby reflecting even more closely the sort of treatment Milo Yiannopoulos got in similar venues when all that was known about him was that he was both gay and conservative. With much more having been learned about Yiannopoulos since the time of his rise to fame, including his only slightly camouflaged links to white nationalists like Andrew “weev” Auernheimer and Richard Spencer, his star has fallen to a great extent, with most mainstream right-wing outlets no longer wanting anything to do with him.

Blaire White is not as well-known yet, and therefore she’s getting by pretty well in those circles thus far. Hey, an attractive young heterosexual white woman — what’s not to like, if you’re an alt-right type? White is very much transgender, but has significant surgery to make herself more cis-passing, and therefore some of her more casual supporters may not have even picked up on the fact that she’s not cisgender. For example, the video getting her all this attention doesn’t mention it at any point.

She has publicly stated that she hasn’t had genital reconstructive surgery and isn’t interested in doing so. This does not stop her from venting hate against other trans women for not living up to her standards of passing; she’s misgendered trans lesbians and referred to them as heterosexual men, she’s said that trans people shouldn’t be allowed to use the correct bathrooms unless “you make an effort to pass and assimilate,” and has called people’s insistence on being called by their correct pronouns “policing people’s behavior.”

She’s not just hateful towards other trans people, either–she’s posted videos with titles like “There Are Only 2 Genders” and “This Is Why I Don’t Like The LGBT Community,” just to let you know that she isn’t interested in being cool with anyone else she finds under the LGBTQ rainbow. She goes broader than that, too — note videos like “Fat Acceptance Is Stupid,” “Feminism: The Biggest Joke,” and many videos deriding black people in general and Black Lives Matter specifically (the original, “Black Lives Matter Is Trash” is gone, but there are plenty of other offenders — try “MTV Hates White People” for a start).

Maybe it’s no surprise that someone like this ends up producing content that is absolute catnip for the right wing. The Daily Caller reposted the video with the headline, “WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Transgender Who Wore MAGA Hat In Hollywood.” Making that low-key transphobic error of using “transgender” as a noun instead of an adjective is just the beginning–this article goes on in its opening paragraph to say White was “quickly attacked by protestors and passers-by,” a description the mostly-sedate video doesn’t exactly live up to.

Over on The Inquisitr, a supposedly non-ideologically-driven website, the video is again framed in a sympathetic manner by writer Monika Zoltany. Her headline reads, “Transgender Trump Supporter Proves You Can’t Wear A Trump Hat In Hollywood,” and the article itself spends multiple paragraphs talking about how YouTube’s demonitization of White’s content is ideologically-driven censorship.

Blaire White is exactly the sort of person that is often glorified by the right wing — someone who both is part of a marginalized minority and holds positions normally framed as antithetical to that marginalized minority’s interests. Right-wingers hope that elevation of people like this will cause those with no ideological affiliation to be swayed towards the right’s viewpoints, on the basis that someone from said minority agrees with them. However, just as with Milo Yiannopoulos, who — just for example — has both recently gotten married to his longtime boyfriend and told Australians to vote “no” on marriage equality, Blaire White’s views are often revealed to be hypocritical and hateful.

With people who choose to elevate themselves by encouraging further oppression of the group they’re part of, it’s important to call out their hypocrisies and their hate the moment you see it. That’s why, while it’s unfortunate to see Blaire White getting positive press out of having a drink thrown in her face, I’m still glad it happened. She deserves a backlash, and the sooner the better. Let’s get it started right now.