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Milo Yiannopoulos’ Latest Repugnant Missive Got Both He and His Boss Fired

Let's all point at Milo and laugh. For a little while, at least.

Marilyn Drew Necci | November 6, 2017

For those who enjoy mocking the latest depths to which gay conservative and probably white nationalist Milo Yiannopoulos has fallen, this morning’s news provided a dose of schadenfreude — certainly a much-needed gift in the face of all the other horrors our news has been throwing at us without end for months.

The series of events that ended with both Milo (I’m not going to keep trying to type Yiannopoulos over and over) and the person who’d employed him getting fired this morning began on Friday with yet another article from Milo showing up in one of the more inflammatory conservative-leaning publications currently dirtying up the journalistic landscape. This time it was not his longtime home at Breitbart but The Daily Caller, the conservative site founded around a decade ago by conservative commentator and notable wearer of bow-ties Tucker Carlson.

The column, entitled “A Round Of Applause For Kevin Spacey,” dealt with recent revelations of misconduct on Spacey’s part–specifically, multiple cases of the actor using his position in Hollywood to engage in inappropriate sexual advances and even outright sexual assault, generally on underage teens.

In a stopped-clock-right-twice-a-day circumstance, Milo did point out the hypocrisy of Spacey initially trying to deflect the accusations by finally coming out as gay, as if his being gay should excuse his behavior. “I’m as disgusted as you are by Kevin Spacey’s transparent attempt to cloak himself in gay privilege as a way of distracting us from allegations he tried to fuck a child,” Milo, never known for his ability to mince words, wrote.

Calling Kevin Spacey “a disgrace to faggots,” Milo went to great lengths to condemn Spacey’s misconduct and to disassociate himself from the behavior Spacey currently stands accused of. This was ironic, coming from a man who had to depart from his longtime position at Breitbart back in February due to comments widely seen as endorsing homosexual relationships between older men and underage teens. “In the homosexual world particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men are the sort of coming of age relationships in which those older men have helped those young boys to discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love,” Milo said on a 2016 episode of the Drunken Peasants podcast.

However, apparently seeing these cases as completely different from Spacey’s alleged misconduct, Milo went on to conclude that, regardless of the repugnance of Spacey’s behavior, this attempt to, as Wanda Sykes memorably referred to it, “hide under the rainbow” on Spacey’s part was actually an unintentionally positive gesture “…because,” Milo wrote, “his cack-handed damage control has permanently devastated identity politics.”

In backing up his point, he cited the case of basketball coaching hopeful Camille LeNoir. “Once upon a time, a teacher might be fired for being gay. These days you’re more likely to be fired for being straight,” he wrote. “The Washington Post reveals that a black lesbian called Camille LeNoir – her real name, probably – lost a job offer after coming out as straight.”

What Milo attempts to gloss quickly over in relation to this case is the fact that LeNoir once identified as a lesbian, but renounced that identity and became a part of the evangelical Christian “ex-gay” community. The thing that got her job offer rescinded was not her current identification on the Kinsey spectrum but a video she published in which she told viewers “If you are in a same-sex relationship, it is not worth losing your soul,” and “it will be the death of you,” referring to gay relationships.

It can’t be too much of a surprise that Milo, a man who both recently married his longtime lover, “John” (whose identity has not been publicly revealed), and then told the Daily Mail that Australians should vote against marriage equality in their current postal vote, would refuse to confront the whole “ex-gay” issue in his discussion of LeNoir’s case. However, his undeniably homophobic supplementary comments (“The locker room stench must be ungodly enough on its own”) should be a bridge too far even for the most politically conservative members of the LGBTQ community.

But then, Milo’s membership in a marginalized minority has never seemed to matter to him beyond the paper-thin cover it provides him for accusations of peddling racial hatred. A nearly 10,000-word Buzzfeed expose from a few weeks ago both revealed his attempts to provide platforms for outright neo-Nazis like Andrew “weev” Auernheimer (a Richmond native, to our eternal shame) and presented a video of Milo at a karaoke night singing “America The Beautiful” as compatriots in the crowd, including notorious Charlottesville-based neo-Nazi (why are all these horrible people from here?) Richard Spencer, seig heil-ing as they sing along.

With those revelations, one would think even the “but I’m gay!” fig leaf would be ripped away. The Daily Caller might not have seen it that way, but only days after running what was, at least according to Milo (so who knows), supposed to be the writer’s first in a recurring series of columns, both Milo and opinion editor Rob Mariani were out on their ears. On his facebook page, Milo put it this way: “The Daily Caller has caved to pressure and cancelled my weekly column after a day, claiming, falsely, they never planned to run weekly contributions from me.”

I wish I could tell you that this latest setback for Milo meant the end of his presence in the mainstream media. However, as we learned long ago from Jason Voorhees, nothing this evil ever dies. Supposedly he’ll be playing to sold-out audiences on the Australian leg of his Troll Academy tour (that would be easier to believe if every single date wasn’t listed on his website as taking place at “Secret Location”). Losing his book deal with Simon & Schuster after that whole endorsement-of-man-boy-relationships thing didn’t stop him from self-publishing Dangerous, which you can unfortunately now buy on Amazon. And even though he’s been perma-banned from Twitter for well over a year now, he’s still got a very active facebook page.

So hey, laugh now, don’t get carried away with the schadenfreude or anything — we can probably expect to be watching this creep drag discourse through the mud for quite a while now.

Photo via Facebook, detournement by your disgruntled author