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Help Amy & Katy be the first same-sex couple to win CBS 6′s wedding giveaway

“It’s crazy to think its the first time a same-sex couple has been allowed in one of these contests."

Brad Kutner | January 13, 2015

When Amy Katy met back in January, 2011, at a friends birthday, it was love at first sight.

“We just hit it off… it had been a long time since I had that kind of connection with somebody,” said Amy Robins. “It was instant.”

Like any of us, Amy went home and facebook-stalked her new found interest. But it wasn’t long before the two were in a committed relationship ready to celebrate their union – and thanks to a contest through CBS 6, you can help them be the first same-sex couple to win a wedding for free.

Amy was humble in saying why people should vote for her and the love of her life.

“Does anyone deserve a $30,000 wedding?” she asks jokingly.

“We give back. We volunteer our time…” she said. They both work with local environmental groups and help with city clean ups among a number of other community activities. “We want to see Richmond be the best Richmond can be. We go out in the heat and the cold to try and make RVA a great place. It’s a wonderful city.”

As Amy described her relationship with Katy, I couldn’t help but tear up some. She said the honeymoon phase relationships usually go through has stayed strong since the beginning and hasn’t slowed down.

“Every time (Katy) leaves the house, she leans over and kisses me and says ‘she loves me’,” said Amy. “She has such a big heart.”

The couple had been talking about getting married for two years, but they decided to wait for the state to make it legal before officially tying the knot. Once it became legal, they started pricing weddings out. But between their modest salaries, they realized they’d have to scale back.

“We took it down to what really matters,” said Amy. “That our friends and family are there.”

But that proved to still be an expensive investment for the pair.

“So we looked at pricing for that and said what REALLY matters,” she said jokingly. “Who can show up to the court house and who can come to our dinner.”

Hopefully, if they win this contest, they’ll be able to invite a whole lot more than that.

They both have student loans and mortgages, but Amy said they are very money-conscious  in their everyday lives. They eat at home and save up best they can.

Amy was contacted last week about being in the contest and she’s been working hard to get the word out every since.

The couple has been using the #AmyAndKaty hashtag in the hopes of building support.

“It’s crazy to think its the first time a same-sex couple has been allowed in one of these contests,” said Amy, extact to help break down a barrier in such a public way.

You can head over to the CBS 6 website and vote for Katy and Amy here. It’s easy, and we’d love to see these two get the wedding they deserve.