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Gov. McAuliffe drops video promoting Commonwealths LGBT Tourism Campaign #LoveVA

Brad Kutner | September 26, 2016

It was a busy and LGBTQ filled-week for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. He attended Virginia Pride this weekend (more on that later) and he helped launch Virginia Tourism’s new online LGBT Travel Guide.

We wrote about the new travel guide a few times over this past summer – how the state’s LGBT Tourism Task Force helped develop ideas over the last year + in the hopes of making the state more LGBTQ friendly. The end result included a new state-run tourism campaign which includes a revamped homepage – Virgnia.org/LGBT – and specific “LGBT-friendly” listings for businesses on the state’s tourism website.

And late last week the Virginia.org/LGBT site got a makeover and now features a great new layout as well as a message from McAuliffe himself. Check it out below:

“We’ve created this landing page to help welcome LGBT visitors as well as your family and friends to Virginia,” McAuliffe says in the video. “This listings will help you discover inclusive and welcoming locations on your next… getaway for you and your friends… We hope you will enjoy your visit to Virginia.”

McAuliffe ends the video plugging the new swag available through the site which includes the revamped Virginia is for Lovers logo with a rainbow heart instead of a V – CUTE!.