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G Mag’s ‘Favorites of LGBTQ Richmond’

G Magazine’s Favorites Of LGBTQ Richmond is brought to you by you, the reader.

GayRVA Staff | October 9, 2013

We asked, and you responded. G Magazine’s Favorites Of LGBTQ Richmond is brought to you by you, the reader. It’s good to see people supporting local business, and it’s exciting to hear the opinions of our community. If you run a local business and would like the honor of appearing on our next Favorites Of LGBTQ Richmond list, take steps to reach out to Richmond’s LGBTQ crowd. We’re always looking for someplace to eat, drink, and have a good time, and we take notice of you when you take notice of us.


Most Important Local LGBT Story: SB 701 with 46%

It’s been a crazy year for LGBTQ people around the country, and while many states got the honor of passing marriage equality and taking other positive steps through their state legislature, Virginia continued to lag on all fronts. SB701, a bill that would have given equal workplace protections to state LGBTQ employees, failed to pass. Special thanks to Gov. McDonnell for taking steps to remove those protections – we’ll keep an eye on this when the General Assembly meets next year.


Drag Performer: Michelle Livigne with 33%

Ladies and gentlemen, please clear the aisles! Michelle ‘Cuz I’m Edgy” Livigne is about to take the floor. It could be her fierce attitude, her mesmerizing eyes, or maybe her dreadlocks, but no matter what, our readers have spoken, and Ms. Livigne is your new GayRVA Queen.



Local DJ: Amy Alderman with 36%

DJ Amy Alderman is a household name for many of Richmond’s LGBTQ community. If she’s not at one of Richmond’s gay bars, she’s spinning at a local fundraiser, helping spread awareness for a good cause. And with 20+ years of experience, she knows how to get feet moving. Make sure to say ‘hi’ to her before she heads to San Francisco to perform in late October this year.


Clothing Boutique: Rumors with 32%

Its no surprise Rumors won our favorite Clothing Boutique category – some of the hippest threads and best prices can all be found in the same place. Be sure to support these local thrift-queens, and take a gander at the staff who are also pretty easy on the eyes.


Theatre Production: La Cage aux Folles with 48%

It was hard to miss praises for La Cage. Our own reviewer, Jen Maciulewicz, might have put it best: “Expressive and delightfully over-the-top, it is never dull when Les Cagelles are on stage.” La Cage washed over Richmond like a black wig on a Liza impersonator, but this drag show had a bit more to it than just an old queen belting classics. La Cage spoke to a diverse audience, and the Richmond Triangle Players hit the nail on the head (a feat they are no stranger to) with this production.


American Food: Galaxy Diner with 39%

With the retro decor, a vast late night menu, and strong drinks, Galaxy Diner could have been a shoo-in for best American Food–and nothing says “America” like fried pickles. I prefer mine with a chocolate shake and a shot of whiskey; luckily Galaxy can make good on all these requests.



Place For Wine: Can Can with 37%

Richmond’s fine-dining mecca, Can Can Brasserie, mixes the best of Richmond with the best of France: patio dining in the heart of Carytown, and enough wine options to make your head spin. Nothing says “a Sunday afternoon in Richmond” like a glass of wine and some people-watching at Can Can.



Ethnic Food: Kuba Kuba with 49%

Kuba Kuba brings me to a place I wish I could vacation to – the smell of fine meats, breads, and cheeses fill the air, and boisterous laughter comes from all sides. Everyone has a good time at this corner hot-spot in The Fan. In my humble opinion, their unique Cuban fare is some of the best in town, and it looks like our readers agree.



Place For Beer: Capital Ale House with 36%

Nothing washes down a burger like a beer, and no one does beer quite like Capital Ale. With an overwhelming variety of beer options and several locations around the Richmond area, you’re always close to the restaurant our readers described as the best place for a beer in RVA, So be sure to stop in and have a sip (or a pint)–and tell them GayRVA sent you.



Coffee: Crossroads Coffee with 39%

I love a good local brew, and it looks like our readers agree; Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream provides the pick-me-up GayRVA readers need, and variations on new coffee-based concoctions that give the bigger corporate coffee shops a run for their money. Not to mention some of the best cream-cheese variations in town.


Bartender: Liz McGaha (Babes) with 29%

Perhaps it’s her smile, or the vodka and Red Bulls, but GayRVA readers have a thing for McGaha. She’s been slinging hooch at Babe’s of Carytown for 12 years, starting her bartending career at Babe’s and remaining there ever since. “I’ve learned a lot – and the people, the people who come in are really great.” Looks like those people feel the same way about you, Liz.


Bookstore: Chop Suey with 42%

Chop Suey Books is a Richmond Staple. From novels to graphic novels and everything in between, there’s no better place to pick up the best and most classic reads. The friendly and informed staff are sure to help point you in the right direction, but even just wandering the stacks could lead to some literary inspirado.


Date Night: The Jefferson with 20%

“Elegant” doesn’t begin to cover what a date at the Jefferson is. One of a handful of five-star hotels in the nation, the Jefferson is fit for any queen (and housed one on the Queen of England’s last visit!). If you’re looking to impress your mate, consider wining and dining them here, and give them a night they won’t ever forget.


Best Gay Bar: Babes of Carytown

Shake a tailfeather, get rowdy, or enjoy some gentle piano tunes – Babe’s of Carytown has it all, and it looks like its all GAYRVA readers need. With one of the busiest Saturday nights in Town, and a patio and volleyball court that provide hours of entertainment on their own, Babe’s stood out at this years reader’s pick – Congrats to Babe’s, now lets all have a drink.