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Equality Virginia endorses incumbent House candidates

DavidPettyjohn | July 13, 2017

Equality Virginia’s Political Action Committee (EVPAC) recently announced its endorsement of 17 incumbent candidates (all Democrats) for the House of Delegates in the 2017 election. These endorsements are based on the candidates’ answers in a survey from EVPAC. The candidates claimed in the survey that, if re-elected, they would support outlawing discrimination, housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

According too the press release, the candidates are:

  1. Sam Rasoul, HD-11
  2. Kathleen Murphy, HD-34
  3. David Bulova, HD-37
  4. Kaye Kory, HD-38
  5. Vivian Watts, HD-39
  6. Eileen Filler-Corn, HD-41
  7. Mark Sickles, HD-43
  8. Paul Krizek, HD-44
  9. Mark Levine, HD-45
  10. Patrick Hope, HD-47
  11. Rip Sullivan, HD-48
  12. Alfonso Lopez, HD-49
  13. Marcus Simon, HD-53
  14. Betsy Carr, HD-69
  15. Steve Heretick, HD-79
  16. Jennifer Boysko, HD-86
  17. John Bell, HD-87

“Pro-equality leadership is necessary to end discrimination,” EVPAC’s executive director James Parrish said in the release. “The majority of Virginians support nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender people,” but expressed dismay that the majority of the votes passed in the House of Delegates. Parrish said these incumbents are “strong leaders” who will “ensure Virginia keeps the momentum for full equality moving forward.”

In the past, Equality Virginia has endorsed Ralph Northam for Governor and  transgender woman Danica Roem for the 13th House District (see our interview with her here), as well as Mark Herring for Attorney General.