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Anti-gay Christian group: ACLU raising an ‘Army’ to fight for an ‘Aggressive Pro-LGBTQ Campaign’

New Civil Rights Movement | March 17, 2017

Liberty Counsel, the Christian law firm that represented Kentucky anti-marriage clerk Kim Davis, is mounting a fundraising campaign by positioning the American Civil Liberties Union as its enemy. The group, which appears on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of active anti-gay hate groups, is accusing the ACLU of “recruiting an army of left-leaning activists to mobilize against President Trump’s policies on the local, state, and federal levels.”

The ACLU’s supposed army’s “agenda includes an aggressive pro-LGBTQ campaign that includes fighting against any religious liberty protections that they deem to be ‘antigay’ offered by President Trump or Congress.”

The email begs recipients to “Please consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift right now so we can STAND AGAINST THE ACLU’S ATTACKS and continue other vital efforts.”

The Christian law firm also describes the ACLU’s new followers as “misguided grassroots activists” and the ACLU itself as a “radical group” that is “now among the biggest threats to life, liberty, and family in the history of America.”

Mat Staver is the head and public face of Liberty Counsel, and runs the hate group with Anita Staver, his wife who is known for threatening that she carries a handgun into restroom that “identifies as my bodyguard,” apparently in case anyone who is transgender tries to use the same restroom. Their group is currently representing former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

“The ACLU is emboldened by their huge infusion of cash and are spending millions on their new ‘People Power’ campaign,” Mat Staver, says.

Liberty Counsel’s fundraising email is actually at times flattering for anyone who is a supporter of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or equality. It even credits the ACLU with “partnering with Planned Parenthood to protect Roe v. Wade and to roll back any restrictive abortion laws passed by states.”