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All 3 GOP candidates for VA Governor’s seat condemn transgender people, bathroom use [video]

Brad Kutner | April 4, 2017

In a video sent ot GayRVA, all three Republican candidates for governor in Virginia condemn transgender people and their use of the bathroom.

The video, filmed at the Amherst County GOP Dinner this past weekend and seen below, shows candidates Frank Wagner, Corey Stewart and Ed Gillespie responding to a question about transgender bathroom use.  All three take their allotted time say there is no need for gender neutral bathrooms and/or further marginalize transgender people. Check it out below:

A recent Christopher Newport University poll put former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Gillespie as the highest approved candidate going into the 2017 election.

Wagner, a former VA House member and Virginia Senator, trailed in last place with firebrand and former Trump campaign member Stewart in a distance second.

Check out some commentary on the issue of transgender bathroom use in the Commonwealth from GayRVA’s Tim Wellington here. 

Check out full text from their comments below:

Frank Wagner: 

Look how, many types of restrooms do we need? We need two. One for men, one for women (everyone claps) That’s all we need. I don’t know how this country has gone that far in the wrong direction that this is even a question…. there are guys and there are girls. There are guys rooms and there are girls rooms. Guys rooms are for men. Girls rooms are for ladies and girls. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it should be protected and to go in and even contemplate a male coming into a female restroom, when we look at all the other things we try to protect females from, men being aggressive, rapists, all those things. To allow that opportunity to say ‘oh, its okay,’ is not just _____ wrong, its morally wrong… lets keep it the way its always been. Men in men’s rooms and ladies in lady’s rooms.

Corey Stewart: 

“As Governor, one of the first things I’m going to do is sign the Virgnia equivalent of HB2 that was passed in North Carolina last year. We’ve got a great supervisor for the party (points to GOP party supervisor) but that is not true up in Arlington, or Alexandria or Fairfax or Richmond or Portsmouth. You’ve got a lot of liberals out there folks and you know something? This isn’t a matter of local control, this is a matter of our state and our culture and our values. We cannot allow these liberal localities to mandate private companies to provide for a transgender bathroom. That is wrong. As Governor, I will absolutely prohibit any locality from doing any such thing and promoting transgenderism in any way shape or form. It’s absolutely horrendously despicable. We can’t give way to social issues. This is our culture. There are big economic issues that we’re facing, tax issues. But if we give up on our culture, if we give up on our heritage we’ve lost everything. That is why, with me as governor, you’re going to find the strongest advocate for Virginias heritage and values you’ve ever seen.

Ed Gillespie:

You know the left is so adept at using language. So they talk about bathroom bills. This isn’t about bathrooms alone. It’s also about compelling teenage girls to share locker room showers with teenage boys. It’s about compelling teenage girls to have to stay in a hotel with a teenage boy on an overnight band trip. And the fact is, we have to make clear, that we are going to protect our children from that. We are not going to allow for that to happen. I was very glad when Secretary DeVos and Attorney General Sessions came forward and repealed the federal government’s Obama effort to impose that on every school district in the country. And compel them to allow for boys to be able to use girls’ showers and locker rooms, boys to share overnight hotel stays with girls on band trips or other field trips. And the fact is, it doesn’t make any sense. And I know people have their concerns and issues, everyone has concerns and issues but we cannot put at risk and at jeopardy, our young children and teenage girls. It goes to the sports’ teams as well and the fact is, we should not compel teenage girls to share a locker room shower with or a hotel room overnight with a teenage boy. Simple as that.