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AG Jeff Sessions is coming to Richmond this Wednesday AM, it would be a real shame if a bunch of protestors showed up

Tim Wellington | March 13, 2017

The man who helped destroy, or at least delay, the legal case supporting trans kid’s ability to use the restroom in peace is coming to Richmond this Wednesday.

Attorney Jeff Session, the former Senator from Alabama who was once considered too racist to be a federal judge, was appointed as the head of the Justice Department by President Trump earlier this year. He’s since been forced to recuse himself from the Russia/US Election investigation after lying under oath during those appointment hearings – still no word if he plans to recuse himself from the job considering he committed perjury, but whatever.

Sessions was instrumental in the recusal of an Obama-era guideline that supported trans kids bathroom use and equal treatment in public schools. After the DOJ pulled their support, Virginia transman Gavin Grimm had his Supreme Court lawsuit thrown back to the lower court because it relied on the Obama administration’s Title IX interpretation.

Sessions track record on other LGBTQ issues is just as checkered/terrible, or as Salon puts it: You name the minority group, and Sessions has spent his long, varied career in public life fighting its members basic rights.

Your chance to catch AG Sessions IN PERSON happens this Wednesday, 10 a.m. at the SunTrust Building at 919 E. Main St., Richmond.

He’ll be discussing “efforts to combat violent crime and restore public safety;” no word if that includes acts of violence against trans people or violence committed by police officers.

Photo via Facebook