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After Spilling T In Federal Court, Maureen McDonnell Sought as Rupaul’s Drag Race Guest Judge

The former first-lady reportedly got into screaming fits so loud the Governor's security detail would be alerted.

Tim Wellington | August 7, 2014

Depending on the results of the federal corruption trial against former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen , we could see the former first-lady of Virginia behind the black bar, throwing her own brand of shade.

After word of Maureen’s actions during her time in the Governors mansion got out, like demanding $20,000 in dresses, inappropriate phone calls and text exchanges with another man, and being a money-hungry she-wolf, Drag Race Executive Producer Fenton Bailey said he needed to find out more.

“With Season 7 confirmed, we know we needed to kick it up a notch – and who else could bring a level of drama, class, and tea like Maureen McDonnell?” said Bailey. “This girl’s more queen than most of our previous season winners – I mean, when you get caught telling your private chef he ruined Christmas because the shrimp at your Christmas party wasn’t cooked perfectly, what crazy shit will you say to a queen just begging to be corrected?”

Maureen’s record of queening out didn’t stop at Christmas parties. She reportedly “made a scene” at a NYC dress shop after discovering her credit cards were maxed out, forcing an aid to foot the bill. Also, the former first-lady reportedly got into screaming fits so loud the Governor’s security detail would be alerted.

Maureen, who was recently called a “nut job” by her husband’s former chief of staff, was unavailable for comment on the issue.

“We hope we can figure this out and get Maureen (we call her Mo-Mo!) on the show this season,” said Bailey. Even if she is found guilty the EP said they’d work to make it happen.

“We could satellite broadcast it!” Bailey said. “Maybe give it an Orange is the New Black feel!”

Editors Note: This story is satire – no one from Rupaul’s Drag Race is actually trying to get Maureen McDonnell on their show, however all the claims made about the former First-lady’s actions are from court testimony and available through the links above.