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Wait, So… Dr. Pepper Is Queer Now?

An ad purportedly from a Swedish gay magazine declares the "queer drink for diverse drinkers"' alignment to be "vers." We're still wondering how to feel about this.

Marilyn Drew Necci | August 10, 2018

In an apparently-real advertisement that has gone viral all over the internet, Dr. Pepper seems to declare itself “queer,” and possibly to give its alignment as “vers,” though really, who knows.

The ad, which features a slogan calling Dr. Pepper “the queer drink for diverse drinkers,” is said to have run in a Swedish gay magazine, though no one really knows for sure (according to Them, the original evidence provided for such claims was a facebook post that has since been taken down). It came to the internet’s attention when twitter user @BarmyArny posted it on Wednesday:

No comment on the veracity of this ad campaign has yet been made by Dr Pepper representatives, though it might make sense; as Coca-Cola, which manufactures and distributes Dr. Pepper — but only in Europe (it’s complicated) — ran a Super Bowl ad this year featuring a queer couple and a non-binary person.

Of course, if it is real, some point out, it’s just another example of corporations making token gestures of inclusiveness in order to score some of those sweet green LGBTQ dollars:

But others take a more humorous position on the whole thing:

And still others admire the soda brand’s moxie:

What do you think? Is this cool and funny, or a cynical grab at our queer cash? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page.