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Solid 10k Training Plan

Jason Yu | February 8, 2010

You mastered the art of the stretch and remembered that breathing matters, essential before any workout. Now you are ready to begin your 10k training, but even before “the run,” it is important to set milestones and establish a workout routine you can commit. The purpose is to plan according to everything else you are doing and a great method to measure your progress and success.

Here is an example of a simple work out plan:

  • 10 minute stretch
  • 30 minutes elliptical or stationary bike at various inclines and resistance
  • 45 minute consistent running
  • 15 minute post stretch

Take a regular notebook or purchase runners journal at your local bookstore and document what you will do. It’s okay to be in general or very specific in what exercises and routines you will do – as long you can commit.

In business, we are used to written contracts and agreements. If you are serious about training for the 10k or any running event, set the bar and write an agreement to yourself, such as, “I plan to commit to my workout routine two to three times a week for the next three weeks. I also promise I will increase my routines four to five times a week before the race on ____  (date).”  In addition, so on.

The routine is set, an agreement has been reached, and now you are on your way to running and training your best for the 10k…

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Jason Yu is Partner and Director of Marketing for Social Media Solutions in Richmond, VA. His company specializes in Social Media Strategy and Online Reputation Management. Jason enjoys keeping active by running, swimming and working out on a daily basis. Jason has ran in over fifteen running races including the Monument Avenue 10K, Philadelphia Half Distance Run, Richmond Half-Marathon, and Xterra races. Interesting facts about Jason is that he is a music fanatic, macaroni and cheese connoisseur, and aspiring “mixologist.”