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OUT On The Weekend: The Looming Spectre of Valentine’s Day

GayRVA Staff | February 8, 2018

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it gives us a lot to deal with. The due dates on the bills leapfrog payday on the calendar, the heat costs climb, and then there’s Valentine’s Day to deal with. Having a steady partner during this period of love’s transformation into a commodity makes it all a little easier to bear, but even if you’ve been happily married for years, there are all sorts of holiday-related pressures to deal with.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t arrive until after this weekend ends, but we’ve got at least one tip for you on how to get the jump on the holiday this year and ensure that your partner is stoked — or, alternately, that your first date with that new flame gets things off to a great start! Let’s get into it.

I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard at TheatreLAB

It’s always nice to see some live theatre on a local stage, especially when it’s not a restaged classic but a relatively new piece of work that you’re not already familiar with. I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard is TheatreLAB’s contribution to the citywide Acts Of Faith Festival, but unlike Richmond Triangle Players’ Corpus Christi, this play focuses much less directly on faith in the religious sense. Instead, its two-person production revolves around family.

“This show is about our faith in people, what happens when people let us down, or how we learn from people and how we grow from people, especially when we idolize people,” director Deejay Gray told RVA Magazine. The play focuses on a father-daughter relationship between a young breakout actress (Liz Earnest) and her father, a famous playwright (Alan Sader). As the two wait for reviews of Ella’s big off-Broadway debut, they discuss over drinks whether Ella should read them… things go downhill from here.

The play is staged alley-style, with the audience seated on either side of the performers, and allows audiences to see the play from opposite perspectives even as the characters operate from their own perspectives. These sorts of difficult relationships with parents will strike a chord with all of us, and Gray hopes viewers will be inspired to consider the hard choices that come when one must choose whether to follow the path their parents have forged or go their own way.

I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard, which closes on February 17, will be presented at TheatreLAB’s The Basement venue, located at 300 W. Broad St, at 8 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, and at 3 PM on Sunday afternoon. Tickets are $30 for general admission, $35 for VIP, and can be purchased here.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Boutique Sale at Diversity Thrift

Weekends are about a lot of things, but one of them is definitely shopping. We’d be kidding ourselves to pretend otherwise. And with the aforementioned Valentine’s Day lurking on the horizon, you may very well find yourself in the market for a lovely piece of jewelry to win your beloved’s heart. Diversity Thrift is here to help with their Jewelry Boutique Sale, which sees all jewelry marked down in anticiaption of the holiday. If you’re dealing with a time crunch, a tight budget, or both, this might just be the perfect remedy for you this Valentine’s Day.

This sale runs until Valentine’s Day, but as the image says, “not Monday,” because (as all of us thrift junkies know) Diversity is closed on Monday. They’ll be open from 9 AM until 6 PM all weekend, though, and you can go see them at 1407 Sherwood Ave. anytime during those hours. Tell them GayRVA sent you.

Aquarius Birthday Bash @ Diversity Richmond

What would a great weekend be without at least one chance to cut loose? That’s what Diversity will be providing you with this Saturday night, as DJ Kool, of “Let Me Clear My Throat” fame, hits town for an Aquarius Birthday Bash that will be a blast regardless of whether or not you have a late January/early February birthday. Three DJs, a cash bar, and a buffet will greet you in the Diversity event hall this Saturday night for what promises to be a blast. Get out there on the floor and get weird n’ wild with it — you won’t be sorry!

Tickets for the Aquarius Birthday Bash featuring DJ Kool are $15 in advance, $20 the day of the event, and can be purchased here. Diversity Richmond is located around the back of Diversity Thrift, also at 1407 Sherwood Ave.

The Richmond Symphony Does Harry Potter & The Sorceror’s Stone In Concert

Here’s one for the Harry Potter fans amongst us. In fact, this event should charm even the haters among us, as it features the Richmond Symphony doing a note-for-note recreation of John Williams’ classic score for the first Harry Potter movie, as the film plays on the big screen behind them. This is the kind of enormous performance and media event that the Altria Theatre is perfect for, and it’s good to see them putting it to perfect use in such a wonderful way. Whether you’re bringing the whole family or just ducking in by yourself to enjoy a beloved favorite for the thousandth time, this performance will put a whole new spin on Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, enriching the experience of seeing an already fantastic movie up on the big screen with unmatchable live performance.

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone will be presented in three different performances this weekend, at 2 PM and 7:30 PM on Saturday, and at 1 PM on Sunday. Ticket prices range from $52.50 to $82.50 for adults, and they can be purchased by clicking here. The Altria Theatre is located at 6 N. Laurel St, just down the street from VCU.

Babe’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Champagne Brunch For Two

Sometimes mid-week holidays are just too much to deal with, especially when you don’t get that day (or the next day, as the case may be) off of work. If you’re trying to plan a big V-Day date but wondering how you could possibly have the energy for a big night out on a Tuesday of all days, Babe’s is here to assist you with their pre-Valentine’s Day Champagne Brunch this Sunday morning.

Beginning at 10 AM and rolling on into the early afternoon hours, Babe’s is offering a champagne brunch for two for only $25, which is quite the bargain! The price includes any two items off the brunch menu, plus some champagne (of course). Whether you’re kindling a new romance or celebrating a long and happy life together, this is a great chance to commemorate the holiday for lovers — without having to worry about showing up late for work the next morning.

Babe’s is located at 3166 W. Cary St in Carytown. No reservations are necessary for this event.