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Last Week Tonight’s Marlon Bundo Is the Only BOTUS Book You Need

This adorable tale of Mike Pence's pet rabbit finding love with another boy bunny was created to lampoon the VP's homophobic beliefs.

Ash Griffith | March 22, 2018

On Monday, March 19th, Mike Pence’s daughter Charlotte published a book about the Pence family rabbit, Marlon Bundo, titled A Day in the Life of the Vice President. The book is illustrated by Pence’s wife Karen, so it is a family affair.

In more important news, John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight team responded to this news by trolling the shit out of the Vice Bigot of the United States. They proceeded to create a better book about the same rabbit, written by Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss and entitled A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. The Oliver book follows a day in the life of the Pence family bunny, who has to watch his homophobic “grampa” day in day out. However, what makes the particular day in question in the life of Marlon so special is that he meets the bunny love of his life, Wesley.

Not only are the EG Keller illustrations in the Oliver book much better than those in the Pence book (with the drawing of Pence being represented as a gross stinkbug being SO on-point), the audio book is also in and of itself important even as a separate unit. It features the voices of John Lithgow (doing what he does best — playing deep voiced villains), Jim Parsons (as the titular BOTUS — Bunny Of The United States), Ellie Kemper, and RuPaul. In both the book and the audio editions of the story, time and care is taken to emphasize to the targeted age group (ages five to seven) that being different is not only okay, but something that should be uplifted and celebrated as part of your individuality.

This is something that Pence’s book consciously ignores, and ultimately the reason the Oliver book exists. “He emphatically is a homophobe,” Oliver told Seth Meyers in a recent appearance on Late Night. “We did a whole piece about his appalling views over his career.” Oliver has particular distaste for Focus On The Family founder James Dobson, whom Pence has called “a friend and a mentor.” On Late Night, Oliver referred to Dobson as “an appalling human being,” which is pretty much on target if you ask us.

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who think this is on target. Not only has Oliver’s book completely surpassed Pence’s in sales, it is entirely sold out online on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. 100% of proceeds from the book are being donated to The Trevor Project, which works to prevent suicide by LGBTQ youth, as well as to AIDS United.

It can be sad to realize that Vice President Mike Pence and his entire family are depressingly ignorant, but — can we just take a moment to raise an eyebrow at the fact that they ironically chose to name their pet rabbit Marlon Bundo after historically well-known bisexual actor Marlon Brando?

The hardback version of A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo retails for $18.99. You can get it for under $12 on Amazon right now, but considering that it’s sold out pretty much everywhere, you might be waiting a few days. The audiobook, which can’t sell out, can be purchased right now on Audible for about $1.99.

Additional reporting by Marilyn Drew Necci. Top image by EG Keller, via Twitter/Chronicle Books