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Diamond in the Rough

Lilian Studevant | March 4, 2011

So there I was, sitting in jail and very pregnant. I had no one to come bail me out and no where to go if someone did. What would become of my babies? I was facing a death sentence…Then out of nowhere, this really cool woman bailed me out and took me to her house. I was so grateful though terribly busy because I had the babies right after I got there and they took all my energy. I nursed and cared for them around the clock for 8 weeks and then discovered my time at her house was up.

My name is Diamond and I am what you would call a Pit Bull. My babies were going to new homes to start their lives one-by-one. I went to a new foster home so I could concentrate on learning how to be a great pet instead of worrying about my children…I spent my first night there crying and trying to understand why, after what I thought was just a visit, I was left with strangers.

The people were good. They gave me my own crate with a bed. I was regularly fed and walked… I got puzzles to solve too. (They were pretty hard and took awhile). The woman who spends the most time with me took me out to the River for a cool adventure too. I am in a good place and almost have it all…a warm safe bed, good food and water; exercise and daily affection…but I need a family of my own. No matter how good these people are, I am not their dog.

I talked to Sprout about where I came from and he told me things are good here even if I don’t get to sleep with them in the big bed. I couldn’t believe it when he said cats are yummy. Dude is insane…And that chick, Layla? Man she’s a bitch! I avoid her at all costs and am so glad no one expects me to be friends with her. Heck, I can’t believe she has any friends…Roscoe? He’s cool peeps. He puts me in check when I want to party. I hate that but I do listen. He seems to know what’s up so it’s all good.

I’ve learned how to walk well on a leash. I’ve got the housetraining just about mastered. I am awesome at sitting for treats and make friends with everyone I meet. I did figure out that little kids are pretty sweet too but they can get overwhelmed. I probably need to be with kids around 10 or up but I love it when the boy walks me and I rock with cats and dogs.

Want to meet me? I am up for adoption through Odessa Rescue and Rehabilitation and will be attending the Metro Richmond Pet Saver events until I find my family.