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The Flower Guy Bron and his husband want to make your event’s floral arrangment perfect

BeckyIngram | June 9, 2015

Those with a delicate eye and taste for quality will argue that visual aesthetics is a key component to a beautiful ceremony, or even the annual office Christmas party. As the emotional impact of art develops the argument of whether a special event is as reputable without a proper flower ensemble, The Flower Guy Bron, LLC is here to cater to the needs of Richmond’s aesthetes!

Whether a client desires a single bouquet or a floral ensemble for a wedding or corporate event, The Flower Guy Bron, LLC is here for to help.

Bron Hansboro and husband Lloyd Eley’s fairly new floral design company, aims to provide services to Richmond, Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, and Northern Virginia areas. The Flower guy Bron makes it easy for clients to place their full trust in the hands of a stranger and let him make their special day beautiful.

With bridal clients coming to him asking for personal flowers, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers all in one order, Bron has learned to manage even the most hectic of floral orders while keeping the client’s stress levels and pricing paranoia at a minimum.

“When I was in college, friends of mine owned and operated a very, very successful floral design studio in Washington D.C. and I had the opportunity to work with them while I was in school,” said Bron Hansboro. “I would help them prep flowers, I would help them do deliveries day of, and I just developed a passion for the peacefulness that I get when I work with a natural product. I’ve worked in various fields before and nothing has given me a level of peace and satisfaction as working with flowers. It’s just the most wholesome and rewarding feeling ever.”

While a horticulture degree is helpful in the floral design industry, it is not always necessary. Before Hansboro entered the industry, he worked in a profession that requires as much understanding and patience that it takes to alleviate a stressed and paranoid client.

“I’ve always been in education, specifically kids with autism” says Hansboro. “And consistently, even up to now, I’ve been doing to exact same thing.”

Clients come to Hansboro and are bashful about their budget, considering the prices of competitive floral design companies, but Hansboro’s works around the clients’ needs, while proposing cost efficient ideas.

“I like to have that conversation early on and throughout so brides don’t have to deal with a proposal that’s thousands of dollars over what their budget is,” said Hansboro. “I always want people to have what they can afford and what they want, but without the shock of the sticker price.”

With transparent prices and no hidden catches, Hansboro can insure that the client is taken care of, “I try to make the whole process, the whole experience from start to finish as fluid and as easy on the client as possible.”

Hansboro has a business strategy of making professional relationships and friendships almost indistinguishable while respecting the needs of minority clients as well, “I feel like my number one priority as a business owner is to cater to the population of people that I belong to and to make them feel as wanted and needed in this industry,” said Hansboro. “You can have a florist who has no invested interest in the gay community and not be as sensitive to the matters and to the needs, but if a couple comes to me, I’m right there with them and I understand what it is that they require. So I would want every same-sex couple who’s interested in getting married to know that I get it.”

“I understand the subtle nuances of brides and grooms or grooms and grooms and brides and brides, and so forth and so on. I understand what they’re going through, I’m married myself. My husband and I have been married for two years, so I’ve gone through the process and I know what it can be like to not be working with a vendor who understands what it’s like to be marrying same sex or other. So I think I pride myself a lot on being very understandable and knowledgeable about the process, not just for heterosexual couples, but for gay couples as well.”

Moving back to Richmond after graduating from Washington D.C.’s Howard University, Hansboro feels a sense of comfort in the city where he was raised and now begins a business.

“I don’t remember ever being as comfortable as I am now in my own skin” said Hansboro. “I can’t say that I have felt any roadblocks as far as sexuality…I’m glad about that, I’m glad that we’re living in a city that has transitioned enough for me to not feel that way. I think that if it had been twenty years ago that maybe I would have. But I think that Richmond is progressive enough now that it is not a hinderance to me.”

“My sexuality isn’t necessarily a paradigm in my business. However, I think it allows a creative outlet and access to different forms of expression,” continues Hansboro. “From my experience, I have been very, very diligent about my image in my community as a floral designer…I respond to emails, I respond to phone calls, and…I am very, very careful with the moments that I have with people; those are the things that will propel you in business.”

Experiencing roadblocks may come into question for LGBT business owners, but Bron tells GayRVA how a confident attitude, consistent precision and an uplifting personality are what really makes a business wo/man. “I would just tell any LGBT business owners to take the leap. You might feel like sexuality might affect your business and that people might not want to work with you. But I would just urge everyone to be their best self, be their true self, and also, do their best work. And with that, there will be no roadblocks and people will flock to you.”

The Flower Guy Bron, LLC can assure the LGBT community that business success is blind to sexuality and that it takes individual dedication to create something great. “I’ve been lucky and the work itself has spoken for itself,” said Hansboro.“I would like to think that would speak before the sexuality piece.”

The Flower Guy Bron, LLC is located at The Studio at 10th & Main, 1001 E. Main Street, Suite A. (804) 223-2350, Theflowerguybron@gmail.com