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Taboo toy review: Vibrating super soft C-ring by TANTUS

Alison Barber Of Taboo | April 28, 2015

My wedding anniversary was last weekend! Please direct flowers, chocolate, and Anthropologie gift cards to 6021 W. Broad Street. High-end sex toy manufacturer, Tantus, however, beat you to the best gift.

On the eve of our weekend getaway, I received a box of Vibrating Super Soft C-Rings. I had my choice of red, purple, and black. You don’t care, but I chose red. Sensual and steamy, bright but still masculine, red is a hot compromise for a woman who likes color and a man who doesn’t want to feel like his dick is playing dress-up.

After a nice dinner and more than a couple nice drinks, I unzipped my travel bag and dumped out a handful of carry-on friendly delights. Of course I was most excited about my new ring and we rushed to turn it on.

We couldn’t turn it on.

tantus ring

We seriously could not figure out how to turn it on. We pushed and pulled, twisted and turned. We found two seams so we spun and tugged at both until finally one end popped off. When we pressed an interior button, the bullet began to vibrate. We replaced the cap we’d removed, and pushed again. Nothing. We pushed hard. It sprung to action, but quit once we released the pressure. We pushed super-hard, and the vibrations kicked in for good.

And they WERE good. This ring vibrates powerfully and quietly. The vibrating bullet fits securely into its stretchy silicone holster, which sits atop a 1.5″ diameter silicone ring. The ring expands to 4.75″ when fully stretched, so yes, my Magnum customers, it will fit around your cock and balls.

And around your cock and balls is where it should go. Sure, you could place it at the base of your shaft, but you’d be missing out on some of the added longevity a cock ring provides, besides losing a little insertion length. The ring itself is half an inch wide with rounded edges, making it incredibly comfortable.

Also making it incredibly comfortable is the fact that its a Tantus product. Tantus is synonymous with eco-friendly, high grade silicone. Forget the fillers–Tantus was created to bring the highest quality materials to consumers and in that effort it has not once lapsed. Silicone is the undisputed leading sex toy material, but not all formulas are created equal. A Tantus toy feels good on you, inside you, and in your hand.

The Tantus Vibrating Cock Ring has only one function, and you know what? That’s fine. Because even less romantic than “put this on so I can write about it when we get home” is grappling between your partner’s legs in search of a speed button. Besides, its one speed is more than adequate, and it leaves you free to define your desired level of intensity by experimenting with different positions.

This ring is more comfortable and secure than most cock rings and its bullet emits wide vibrations without being cumbersome. It’s high end and straight forward and I’d recommend it to absolutely everyone. My one complaint is that it was crazy-hard to turn on. If you practice with it and do a bit of hand strength training before that special evening, you’ll be fine.

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