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Taboo toy review: Gigi 2 – Lelo

Alison Barber Of Taboo | October 13, 2015

I’ve always been attracted to the Lelo Gigi. While not the biggest or craziest in the Lelo family, she has a nice curve and a wide, flat head that makes me think if given the chance, she’d share a best friends necklace with my g-spot. Over the years, other Lelos have stepped ahead of and distracted me from her, but when my friends at the world’s leading high-end sex toy manufacturer asked what I might like to try, the Gigi 2 was the first toy to come to mind.

Gigi arrived with the Mona Wave (review coming soon,) as well as lubricant, toy cleaner, a tote bag, a blank book, and a thank you note. So now not only might my toy and my spot share a BFF necklace, but I’m probably going to buy them for the whole staff.


The Gigi 2 is, you guessed it, the new and improved version of the original Gigi. The size and shape are the same, but this model features an even softer silicone and a 100% power increase. Also, like all newer Lelos, it’s completely waterproof. Its packaging claims that its eight different vibration patterns will “lead you on a waltz into ecstasy” which I totally want to poke fun at, but knowing Lelo, it’s probably true.

Gigi is, of course, rechargeable, so toss those batteries aside. One full charge earns you two hours of pleasure. It comes with a storage pouch and lubricant sample as well as instruction manual and one year warranty card.


If you’re at all familiar with Lelo, you probably won’t need the instruction manual. Like most of their non-remote control vibes, its base features four buttons–a plus and minus to increase and decrease intensity and an up and down to cycle through its modes of vibration and pulsation. To you at home and to everyone who has ever come to me with a vibrating Lelo tester in you hand and a helpless shrug, you turn the toy off by holding down the minus button.

A thing that I like is that no matter which mode you’re in, if you turn the toy off and turn it back on, it restarts on level one, which is steady vibration–always my favorite. If you continue to hit the “up” button on level eight, it will stay on level eight, freeing you from the possibility of getting lost in an endless loop of patterns. If you want to rediscover your favorite, you only need to count no higher than eight, which most of us can do up until the very brink of orgasm.

Now that you have the cold (not really) hard (kind of) facts about the Gigi 2, I present to you my thoughts, in order, once the two of us began:

  • It’s quiet. I appreciate that.
  • Isn’t it funny that I’m basically conducting a science experiment and am totally not turned on right now?
  • This is definitely an awesome g-spot shape, but it’s a little small for me. This is good for women who aren’t all that into penetration, but I think the Mona is more my speed.
  • Holy shit, am I about to climax without clitoral stimulation?

Because, my friends, I was close to climaxing without clitoral stimulation, which is basically a thing that never happens. This demure little g-spot vibe that I was so close to dismissing as “nice but not for me,” snuck up and pulled some Njoy Pure Wand level shit. There really is something magical about that wide, flat head that caught my eye so long ago. While one of my favorites, the aforementioned Mona, is more bulbous, Gigi offers more surface for pressure and the result is undeniable. It frankly doesn’t matter that her shaft is petite. She will easily find your spot, intensely vibrate against it, and when you recover, you’ll go shopping for those best friends necklaces.

If you’re wondering, I did not climax without clitoral stimulation. I was close, but my Jimmy Jane Form 5 was closer. I still don’t doubt that with the help of my Bare Bondage Wrist Cuffs, I could have done it. If clitoral stimulation is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Gigi’s broad head also makes her perfect for that.

Gigi covers some of my favorite bases and, as I expected she would, has become a staple in my collection. Like Sirimy Pure Wand, and extra sharp cheddar, we were meant to be.


Get yours here!