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Taboo sex toy review: Bouncer – Fun Factory

Alison Barber Of Taboo | July 21, 2015

When Fun Factory offered to send me their new Bouncer dildo, it was a double whammy sex toy surprise. (That’s the technically term.) Firstly, Fun Factory. Customers have been requesting this high-end, carefully designed toy line since before they broke into the US Market in 2003. Fun Factory toys are of superior quality, aesthetically pleasing, and, well, FUN. Based in Germany, the company pays great attention to detail and in such a saturated market, still often manages to create unique products.

Which brings me to my “secondly.” At first glance, the Bouncer looks like just another pretty dildo. To me, the named implied that I could bounce on it–a fun bit of clever marketing. As it turns out, the Bouncer dildo is actually one of those few and far between products the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Inside this wavy, slightly curved seven inch silicone dildo, sit three rotating balls that react to the user’s movement. It’s basically the sensation of weighted vaginal balls stuffed into the satisfying fullness of a high-end dildo. So simple, yet so profound! How has this not been done?! My mind was racing from the jump.

So sure was I that the Bouncer was going to blow my mind, I began carrying it on my person from the day it arrived.


Amongst the things I figured the Bouncer and I would do were:

  • Slow hip circles (think: sexy, geriatric yoga)
  • Shower wall suction fun (fully waterproof + flared base)
  • Jumping up and down (obviously)
  • Headstands (We CRAZY!)

For the third only ever time, I consulted the instruction manual and YouTube before using my new toy. The instructional manual assured me that we were good to go for vaginal, clitoral, or anal play, and that sharing a bath would be just fine. YouTube spent 45 seconds demonstrating how I could shake the Bouncer in one hand while mixing a martini in the other, shockingly, a pairing I hadn’t considered.

We started in the tub. It didn’t last long, and here’s why:

1. I felt I should kick off my experience with such a new and interesting toy on the most familiar of territories. Goodness knows how water pressure could effect those beautiful balls.

2. It turns out they meant it when Fun Factory said the Bouncer sticks to any FLAT surface. While most suction cup-based toys have no problem hanging out on my tiled shower walls, the Bouncer fell right off. The side of the tub or atop the sink, no problem, but throw a little texture in there and you’re on your own.

So I took the Bouncer to bed. Those balls, man, they’re something. I don’t know what, but they’re something. Not only does the dildo (which, for me is a wonderful shape and size on its own) penetrate, but it feels like the three tiny balls are penetrating as well. It’s like you’re chilling with your dude and his three tiny back-up buddies. Or, your dude and his three spazzy penis cheerleaders. Pick your fantasy.

I was tempted to stay in the first position, but guilty visions of headstands danced in my head. I played around a bit, moving through three or four rather classic configurations. The toy felt more or less the same in all. The balls continued to rock it, and the faster I moved the better it felt.

While quick movements maximize the sensation, dramatic ones are unnecessary. For every inch the shaft moves, the balls move two, so your arm can save its energy.

As for those slow hip circles, I did detect the balls during languid movements and they felt cool. Pleasurable, even. But once you’ve felt spazzy penis cheerleaders (I guess I’ve picked my fantasy) slamming against their confines to get at you, you have no patience for geriatric yoga.

The Bouncer is going to be with me for a long time. Fun Factory toys are built to last, and while I’m confident in the way we played, there are still things (various yoga poses; stop, drop, and roll) I’d like to try. This toy is both interesting and solid. I just might review it twice.