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How long do you check your dating app after you’ve started a new relationship?

"Surprises in relationship aren't good unless they are a ring"

Tim Wellington | January 7, 2015

So you met the man or woman of your dreams last month and things have been going great. You met on tinder (and no one is surprised) and now you’re faced with one of the most modern dating questions – when do I stop checking my dating app?

Canadian Youtuber Brian North has a few tips to help you work through this issue between you and your SO. As you can imagine, communication is key.

“You need to talk about it,” says North. “You need to discuss where your exactly your commitment is going to lie.”

North suggests every relationship is unique – if it’s open or exclusive – and taking steps like deleting dating apps can be a ‘next step’ for any set of fresh new lovers.

Take a look at North’s insightful video below, and have that conversation sooner than later if you’re lucky enough to find love.