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Best of Missed Connections :: Week of 5/24

GayRVA Staff | May 31, 2009

If you don’t check Craigslist’s missed connections, we’ve done the work for you to roundup some of the week’s highlights.  If you’ve ever met a missed connection, we’d like to hear about it.  E-mail us at gayrva@gmail.com.

Were you at the grocery store wearing a fanny pack?

You were in Krogers on West Broad next to Lowes between 2 and 2:30. You were wearing a black muscle shirt, black shorts, brown ball cap, black fanny pack, had a loaf of french bread in your cart…. you were well muscled and had dark eyes and shaved head – very hot -

Richmond is very couture.  Yes, fanny packs are all the rage in Europe.  Actually, they’re not.

Next up, two guys, one post.

guy number one, i saw you at target in the electronics area, you were tall like 6,2 ish, perfect body tatoo on your right arm, and wearing shades, i saw you shortly after that at american family you came up behind me to talk to a hot girl workin out on the eliptical.

guy number two, i saw you at american family when i finished my workout, when you walk in the lo0cker room you and i were in the first nook on the right, you put on some brown work boots and started talkin to a guy at the front desk on the way out,

And dissed at the Best Buy…

…they talked for about 30 minutes while i was there comparing pc specs. if you were interested, im sorry you got interrupted but the fact that you continued to chat for so long led me to believe you were not that into it, so i moved on and left. the guy you were talking with was cute, great personality, sorry i wasnt part of your chat.

He’s just shy.

Like most of these postings… it’s not really a missed connection, more like a missed opportunities to break ice.

We keep going to the same areas around town; Starbucks, Gold’s, various bars, etc. You have your cohort of friends that you meet up with and I’m a bit of a loner at the moment. I’ve been in town for almost a little bit but with professional school and work obligations have had little time to actually break in the gay social scene in Richmond.

I’m not cold… just shy. Not really sure how to break the ice when you’re in conversation with your peps. So if you see me around town, would love for you to interrupt my studies and say Hi.

This posting is incredibly vague; mainly because there are a ton of people that it can apply too!

She doesn’t like cats…but your’s is TOTALLY CUTE!

My friend and I looked at your house like a week ago, sorry to wake you.

My friend swears you all are gay and thinks you all were ridiculously cute.

I was dressed kinda like a boy with short brown hair and a hat, she has

blonde/brown shoulder length hair. probly wont get this but if you do, you

guys seemed totally cool, and YOUR CAT WAS ADORABLE…

and i don’t like cats.

Why were you in her house waking her up?