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VA Pride & VCU Recreational Sports Team Up To Bring You “Fast & Fierce Field Day”

Marilyn Drew Necci | August 4, 2017

Remember Field Day when you were a kid? It happened at the end of every school year and was one of the best days of the year, because you basically had all-day recess. These days, most of us hardly ever get a chance to get up from our desks and run around–and for many of us, our beltlines show it.

But don’t despair! This Saturday afternoon over at Cary Street Field, VCU Recreational Sports is bringing you the first-ever Fast & Fierce Field Day, an event that will benefit VA Pride. With VA PrideFest only a short month away, all of us have plenty of incentive to get in our best shape, and this afternoon of fun activities harking back to our preteen glory days is a great way to jumpstart your fitness program.

The afternoon will include a vigorous game of Capture The (Pride) Flag, as well as some great schoolyard classics like kickball and relay races. Plus, for those of you who really honed your athletic skills on weekend afternoons in college, there’ll be plenty of cornhole to be played, and for all you amateur dancers, there’ll be a zumba station for your enjoyment.

After your afternoon of vigorous yet enjoyable cardio, grab a frozen treat from Order Up, and make sure to throw in some donations for VA Pride while you’re at it. The event is free, but anything helps as the organization ramps up to the hotly-anticipated PrideFest.

Fast & Fierce Field Day will take place at VCU’s Cary Street Field and is open to those 18 and up. Action starts at 1 PM and will continue til 4. See you there!