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TheatreLAB’s Significant Other Brings The Gay Male-Straight Female Dynamic to Hilarious, Heartbreaking Life

The show at TheatreLAB's The Basement runs through Saturday. Don't miss it!

Marilyn Drew Necci | September 25, 2018

From Will & Grace‘s title pairing to Sex and the City‘s Carrie and Stanford, the gay male-straight female friendship dynamic has been a popular media trope for decades now. However, as all the gays know, the depictions usually focus on the straight-female half of the duo, with her romantic woes and fashion-related struggles taking center stage as the male half offers Queer Eye-style advice with a sassy twist.

But whither the romantic woes of the gay best friend? What sort of emotional difficulties does he experience while hanging with his gal-pals and giving them advice about the ridiculous phenomenon that is straight male behavior? When do we get to see THAT side of the story?

As it turns out, you’ll see that side of things this week if you head down to TheatreLAB’s The Basement and catch their performance of Significant Other. Directed by Matt Shofner, this play focuses on a young gay man, Jordan Berman (played by TheatreLAB’s founding Artistic Director, Deejay Gray), as he takes refuge from his perpetual singledom in regular hangs with his three best friends, Laura (Kelsey Cordrey), Vanessa (Jessi Johnson), and Kiki (Mallory Keene).

The ladies are supportive of Jordan (whose name being almost identical to that of Significant Other author Joshua Harmon is surely not a coincidence). He supports them in turn as they struggle with their own bouts with heartbreak and loneliness. But how will he handle it when they finally find love, and start getting partnered up? As bachelorette parties start appearing on Jordan’s social calendar, he has to learn to support his friends when they find love — no matter how hard it is to be the last one left single.

Despite an undertone of wistful sadness at the passing of once-inseparable friendships that runs throughout Significant Other, Harmon, who initially grabbed attention with Bad Jews, a play that The New York Times’ Christopher Isherwood described as full of “delectably savage humor,” makes sure to foreground the funny and keep you laughing even as you can’t help but recognize all the #relatablecontent hiding behind the laughs.

Due to schedule disruptions caused by geographically-inaccurate predictions of Hurricane Florence’s impact (we wouldn’t be laughing if we lived in Wilmington), TheatreLAB’s performance schedule for Significant Other was abbreviated — while it opened less than a week ago, there are only four performances left as of this writing. So don’t dawdle on scoring your tickets!

Performances take place on Tuesday, September 25, and one per night from Thursday, September 27 to Saturday, September 29. Tuesday’s showing is Industry Night, and Friday night’s showing is followed by a late show from Butchertown Burlesque (tickets sold separately). Tickets are $30 for the general public, $20 for seniors and those in the industry, and $10 for students and teachers (must show ID). Grab yours at theatrelabrva.org before they’re gone.