Although Adore Delano and Courtney Act slayed with their vocals, Alaska Thunbderfuck stole the show with her performance of ‘Anus’ off of her dance record of the same name. Backed up by dancers in full stormtrooper garb, Thunderfuck’s self-aware and self-deprecating humor shone through and proved how far their drag persona has grown since leaving the show.

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About halfway through the event Visage returned to host a live version of Snatch Game, the much loved challenge from the show where contestants pretend be celebrities and answer questions as though they’re on a gameshow. Alaska Thunderfuck lampooned fellow performer Violet Chachki, Ginger Minj did an exaggerated and gruff version of Michelle Visage, Courtney Act played a hyper-conservative character named Miss Caroline North, and Phi Phi O’Hara played a very strange version of Mickey Mouse named Ricky Rat.

Though the segment felt a tad long, Ginger Minj really shone as Michelle Visage, while the real Visage was a trooper and went along with the gag.

Courtney Act’s Miss Caroline North feels like she was intended to be edgy and timely but felt undeserved since the tour didn’t cancel either of their North Carolina tour dates and instead opted to go with a mostly symbolic gesture of creating gender-neutral bathrooms for a night. Of all of the snatch game performances only O’hara’s Ricky Rat proved to be weak. Choosing a boy cartoon character and then making them sexist and angry as an act of parody is kind of weak and I expected more from the uber-talented O’hara.

Other highlights of the night include a shortened version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Visage singing a song honoring the LGBT struggle for equality, and Violet Chachki’s steamy burlesque numbers.

All-in-all Battle of the Seasons proved to be an interesting synthesis of what fans have come to expect from the show and the queens as individuals, and though far from perfect flowed well enough to fill up the two hour window easily.

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