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Pet Shop Boys Release “Vocal” and We Liked it This Time

I suppose some Humble Pie is in order...

Tim Wellington | June 3, 2013

I suppose some Humble Pie is in order. After our less-than-positive review of their first video release for “Axis“, we got sent a copy of the new PSB’s song, “Vocal” – you can hear it below:


As I said, humble pie is in order – I did find myself enjoying “Vocal” – it does harken back to a mythical gay club sound that seemed to only exist in late 90′s LGBT movies or Queer as Folk episodes, but what can I say. I’m pretty into it.

A simple bass beat pumps throughout. Strong, melodic vocals hold the track in place and remind us that we are in fact listening to the Pet Shop Boys. “I like the music… I like the people…” and I like how this track makes my booty shake in my desk chair.

Keep an eye out for “Vocal” which is set to be release July 22nd. It claims to be full of dance anthems, and if there are more tracks like “Vocal,” which manages to stay modern in the face of a complex EDM market, than I think we’ll all be pretty please. I don’t think they are breaking any barriers here, but I have a feeling a tank top or two will be removed when this song gets played at your next club outing.