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Pet Shop Boys New Track Sounds Like Pet Shop Boys Old Track

Axis sounds like it fell off the back of Geo Metro and landed in a pile of MDMA.

GayRVA Staff | April 30, 2013


The Pet Shop Boys have a new song, Axis, and, well, it is a Pet Shop Boys song. Axis sounds like it fell off the back of Geo Metro and landed in a pile of MDMA. There are some pretty exciting peaks to this otherwise dated jam. Just around the 3:00 mark there is an almost Boyz Noize-like hard break. But it returns to the same throwback mix shortly there after. I commend them for not using a dominant vocal track, but rather using a repeated sample; had they started singing, I might have laughed out of my chair.

The new album, Electric, will be the second album released on The Pet Shop Boys own label, “x2.” Famed UK producer Stuart Price (Madonna, New Order, Lady Gaga) will be producing the album. Elysium, the last Pet Shop Boys album, was released in September 2012.

The video for Axis (seen below) has an interesting collection of images – minotaurs, clock-work dwarfs, futuristic subways/sex chambers. A color-changing laser diamond spins throughout. Visually, it also could have landed in a pile of 90′s club drugs.




Maybe I’m too young too appreciate this new-wavey pile of synth melodies that could be the backing on a low-budget tribute to the 80′s. But with today’s modern rehashing of ‘the 80′s sound’ (See CHVRCHS and COM TRUISE) releasing such a blatant tribute to your old sound, while trying to stay musically relevant, is near impossible. (see new David Bowie)

Perhaps the full album release will make a point to modernize, but until then, I guess this is what we have to consider as new Pet Shop Boys.