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Peak Experiences employees launch LGBTQ climbing club, first meeting Friday

GayRVA Staff | June 22, 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned climber, beginner or just an adrenaline junkie, a new club for indoor rock climbing will hold its first meeting this Friday.

LGBTQ Climbing Club RVA is the brainchild of Susan Teasley, a coach and trainer at indoor rock climbing facility Peak Experiences in Midlothian. Teasley, who identifies as queer, is an avid climber and felt Richmond lacked a club like this so she, along with Zach Hodges, got to work.

“It was something that both her and I knew that there was a need and were really willing to put in a little bit of time to see if it’s something that could continue to grow,” said Hodges, a supervisor at Peak Experiences.

Teasley, Photo: Mark Allen Sun 

Hodges said there are climbing clubs in other regions, but not one in Richmond especially for the LGBTQ community to come together to enjoy so that was a big reason for Teasley wanting to launch one of her own.

“Having this club of people who have similar hurdles and have been through similar situations just allows them to  really take full advantage of the sport and the company and having that environment; a non-discriminating group of people climbing together I think is important,” he said.

The two just started planning within the last month. With it being Pride Month, Hodges added it’s a great opportunity to try to get a club going right now and so far  feedback  for the group has been positive.

“Its hard to gauge whether the people who are interested are just interested in the sport of climbing or are climbers who are interested in being part of a group, but there has been a lot of interest,” he said.

LGBTQ Climbing Club RVA plans to meet once or twice a week to climb depending on interest.

The meetup this Friday will take place at Peak Experiences in Midlothian located at 11421 Polo Cir. from 6 to 8pm. Entry is $7 for non-members which includes rentals and is free for gym members.