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Nice & Smooth Bring Old School Hip Hop to Diversity Richmond Saturday

Sometimes they rhyme slow, sometimes they rhyme quick, but whatever their speed, you'll want to catch them at Diversity Saturday.

Marilyn Drew Necci | March 21, 2018

I’ve got to hand it to Diversity Richmond; their efforts to reach a more racially diverse group of people over the last couple of years have been paying off in all sorts of ways lately, including some I never would have expected. The increase in old-school hip hop shows taking place in their event hall is one of the least likely, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who welcomes it.

This Saturday night, on the heels of last month’s appearance by DJ Kool (of “Let Me Clear My Throat” fame), Diversity has joined up with Funkmotor Entertainment for The Old School Party RVA 3, featuring headliners Nice & Smooth. If you’re a fan of golden-age hip hop, you’re sure to know their classic 1991 hit, “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow.” Pairing a Tracy Chapman acoustic-guitar sample with a persistent beat and lyrics addressing struggles with drug addiction, this song was a classic of the era when hip hop was often political protest music that encouraged your mind to think as much as it encouraged your feet to move.

Nice & Smooth’s career also saw them delivering some high-profile features on legendary tunes by Gang Starr and Big Daddy Kane, among others. They also appeared as performers on In Living Color and worked with Tupac on his One Nation album. They’ll be bringing all of their experience to the stage when they perform Saturday night. The heavy hitter himself, DJ Lonnie B — who you may know from his Motown on Mondays nights with Skillz at The Camel — will be spinning the music for this event, and it’ll be hosted by Kellz from Kiss 105.7 and DJ Drake from iPower 92.1. Get ready to take it back to the old school!

This event takes place at Diversity Richmond, located at 1407 Sherwood Ave. Advance tickets are $25, and can be purchased at this link right here. Doors open at 9 PM, and there’s a cash bar available. For more info, click here.