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Halloweek 2017 Brings Us a Halloween Party For Everyone at Fallout

h-ALL-oween brings Fallout, ANIMAL, and PLF together for a Halloweek party at which all are welcome!

GayRVA Staff | October 19, 2017

Oh my goodness, it’s that time of year again. Halloween, that beloved holiday of costumed revelers everywhere, will be upon us in less than two weeks. Of course that means it’s time for our sister publication, RVA Magazine, to join up with Hardywood Park Craft Brewery and bring this town the latest installment of their week-plus long Halloween party to end all Halloween parties… at least until next year.

This time around, Halloweek will kick off on Tuesday October 24, and run a full eight days, not closing out until the early morning hours of November 1st. And while all the big organizing efforts may be taking place across the office from us, you can’t blame GayRVA for getting in on the action, at least a little bit.

Therefore we present to you the official GayRVA pick for can’t-miss Halloweek party of the year: h-ALL-oween, presented by ANIMAL, RVA’s premiere queer dance party instigators; and the Party Liberation Front, aka PLF, who you probably know best as the fire-spinning maniacs outside Gallery 5 during any First Friday Art Walk that isn’t frigid (and some of the ones that are, too).

ANIMAL’s thrown a few shindigs at Fallout before, but this one takes things to a whole new level. ANIMAL mainstays Dirt Thurston, who started this whole thing off back in the before time, and Sweet Potato (the artist formerly known as Eric Tomlin) will be joined by PLF top dogs Reinhold and Dope Solo. PLF’s mission to bring the spirit of the Burning Man gatherings to daily life here in RVA dovetails nicely with ANIMAL’s mission to embrace queerness and have a blast being our true selves. Between the two groups, they’re sure to deliver a fun time for everyone–thus the title, h-ALL-oween. Because this is a party for all of us!

And of course, the setting at Fallout provides its own unique joys. This goth-industrial fetish bar features all the black lights and hanging chains you could ever want for your awesome Halloween party, plus all sorts of intriguingly fetishy accessories. However, while things don’t REALLY get crazy here except on the private members-only nights, this party is allowing everyone in to get a taste of what you’ve only heard whispered about before. Maybe you’ll end up wanting to apply for membership yourself!

h-ALL-oween is taking place at Fallout on Saturday, October 28, starting at 9 PM. Admission is $3-5 sliding scale (it’s a suggested donation for Fallout members, but seriously, y’all, we’ve all got a few bucks to spare, right?). The bar stops serving at 2 AM, just like everywhere else, but the dancing and merrymaking will continue until 3 AM, so hey–why not live it up? It’s not like you’ve got work in the morning, right?