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Diversity Richmond’s Scary-Oke Livens Up Your Pre-Halloween Weekend This Saturday

GayRVA Staff | October 23, 2017

Start doing your vocal warm-ups now, because Scary-Oke is back! This Saturday marks the return for its second year of Diversity Richmond‘s Halloween-themed karaoke costume contest. With over $1000 in cash prizes available for best costume, best singing, and best costume/vocal performance combo, there’s plenty of reason for you to come out and strut your stuff. What’s more, the whole event will benefit Diversity Richmond, enabling them to continue their support for the Central Virginia LGBTQ community. You know what they say–support the people that support you!

So what exactly is this evening all about? Well, for starters, having a lot of fun! We all know the thrill of grabbing the mic and seizing the opportunity to show all assembled that you’re the one who should have had a #1 hit with that summer jam from five years ago. And of course, we all know how much fun it is to abandon our usual boring duds for a night of dressing like someone else and using the opportunity to get good and weird. That wasn’t me who did that ridiculous stuff–it was Zombie Lady Gaga! Don’t pretend you’ve never used that excuse. (OK, maybe I’m the only one. Eep. Let’s move on.)

Two of last year’s winners–Paul Bunyan & Babe The Blue Ox!

For some of us, though, this kind of holiday liberation won’t really reach its full potential if we don’t have some access to delicious liquid courage. Rest assured, Diversity Richmond has you covered. The event will feature two cash bars, filling all your needs for liquor, beer, and wine until 10:45 PM. And you won’t have to do your drinking on an empty stomach either, because Carytown Burgers & Fries will be in the house, dishing out the tasty meat & potatoes that give them their name–at least until 9 PM. A helpful hint: grab dinner early, because just like with swimming, you’re not gonna want to do any major singing until your stomach’s had some time to digest.

Gary’s Karaoke & DJ Services will be on hand supplying the music with which you can make your big star turn, and a panel of esteemed judges from the local community will be selecting the best of the karaoke and the costumes. So bring your A game–and maybe this year, your costume will actually pay for itself!

This event takes place on Saturday, October 28 from 7 til 11 PM behind Door #3 at Diversity Richmond’s event hall, located at 1407 Sherwood Ave. It’s sponsored by Lewis Insurance Associates, AARP, and Mongrel. Tickets are $15 at the door, and you must be 18 to enter. For more info, click here.