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Jude Law is the Ally the Wizarding World Needs

Jude Law is comfortable with portraying an openly gay Dumbledore -- but the new Fantastic Beasts movie is not where we'll see it happen.

Ash Griffith | December 6, 2018

It’s pretty exhausting to be a Harry Potter fan and an LGBTQ person these days. Between Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald director David Yates (who also directed Order of the Phoenix) proclaiming that there will not be a gay Dumbledore in the newest Harry Potter venture and JK Rowling continuing her reign as queen of TERFdom, it’s rough, y’all.

What’s a Ravenclaw to do when she wants to enjoy mystical adventures without supporting problematic people in the process? While Jude Law can’t entirely fix that issue by himself, he’s at least taking something of a position. The world’s going to be ready for Dumbledore to have a dang boyfriend whether it likes it or not, okay.

“I think the world is ready for it, and if it isn’t, it bloody well should be,” Law told The Huffington Post in an interview.

Law admitted that while he genuinely did not know if we would see Dumbledore and Grindlewald’s relationship manifest in film form, there’s explainable cause for that. Law foresees Dumbledore as a person who keeps his heart closed off, and much like most other characters in the Harry Potter universe, the kind of character who’s characterization unfolds slowly. The layers peel away particularly slow for him.

However, Law also added that while we want to see Dumbledore with a partner, ultimately at the end of the day, Crimes of Grindlewald is not a film about Dumbledore himself. Fair enough.

“I also don’t think he’s someone who has given his heart or his soul to many people,” Law added. “The aftermath of their relationship left him reeling, and he’s packed his heart in ice, to be honest, and no one’s quite thawed it.”

Mkay, fine I guess there is some semblance of sense to be found in there. However, while Law’s defense does make sense, I just hope that this isn’t a case of continuously pushing it on the back burner until it eventually engulfs in flame to never be seen again. I would hate to end up writing Law off as the kind of fake ally that was loud during Pride, only to never show up when it genuinely mattered.

It would be fantastic if we had a Mirror of Erised to tell us one way or the other, but we’re stuck in MuggleLand for the time being. Maybe if we keep our fingers crossed tight enough, we will finally get the film about Dumbledore that the character genuinely deserves some day.

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