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Grindr’s Unofficial Theme-song Hits Close to Home

All in all the song is a generic dance hit with lyrics, featuring the vocal stylings of the Iphone's Siri.

MartinSBurgart | July 23, 2013

A club hit has come to our attention here at GayRVA. An unoffical Grindr song that takes the comments and headlines from actual users’ profiles and mixes them into a heavy dance track.

Grindr is a mobile app designed for gay men to meet one another for various activities. The app allows you to create a profile just like any other dating website or mobile app. What makes Grindr unique from other sites is the GPS function. The app logs your location through your phone’s GPS and also logs other users’ location. This enables each user to know how far away from another user they are.

After your profile has been set you can choose a username, a headline and what you are looking for. i.e: friends, relationship, networking etc. Many users, however, use the site for hooking up. And if you have a different definition of hooking than us, we mean sex. For some reason, many users still feel uncomfortable with this being a strong focus and often feel the need to pussyfoot the inevitable.

This is where the theme song from Hector Fonseca Music comes in. The song is a mashup of Hector Fonseca vs. Knife Party vs. Sandro Silva vs. Kevin Aviance. The music, for all of those who are familiar and/or frequent Grindr steers toward the comical side and keeps a tinge of frustration. It describes how often messages are very mixed in nature and can be very confusing. Those who may be narrowing a search for networkers or just friends often find themselves in an unwanted and dirty alley.

The lyrics also reveal a black sheep in the gay community, the dreaded closet case. There is nothing wrong with coming out on your own time; just don’t expect to sneak someone past your sleeping wife and kids for a romp in the hay.

For those unfamiliar with Grindr, this song is a slight insight into the critical and superficial world of gay men. It is a window into how much gay men will criticize each other and put each other down for not being one way or being too much of another.

All in all the song is a generic dance hit with lyrics, featuring the vocal stylings of the Iphone’s Siri. Grindr has produced its own culture. And with other apps and sites such as Hornet, Bender or Jack’d, which all follow a similar format, the site and its users won’t be going anywhere any time soon. And according to blogger Joseph Mora, it “might as well be their theme song.”