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GayRVA Editor talks about post-Trump lives for local LGBTQs with RVA’s Secretly Y’all

GayRVA Staff | November 23, 2016

Secretly Y’all is Richmond’s very own storytelling group where locals are invited to submit stories and share them with a live audience.

And earlier this week our Editor, Brad Kutner, was invited to speak.

He’s done a lot of reporting on how LGBTQ folks, especially transgender people, are feeling right now after Donald Trump won the election.

That provided the fuel for the 12 min story that unfolded this past Monday evening at Gallery 5.

Check out video from it below:

You can read more about each of the stories – shooting with transgender folks, The 2016 RVA Transgender Day of Remembrance, and the Governor’s School GSA Conference – at each of the prior links.