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“Double Dads On Double Dare”: Nickelodeon Features An LGBTQ Family For the First Time

The episode marks the first appearance of a real-life gay couple on the legendary children's cable channel.

Marilyn Drew Necci | January 8, 2019

Nickelodeon has been the first name in children’s televised programming since the glory days of cable TV back in the 80s. Now, for the first time, the show has brought us a real-life family with two dads. The family made an appearance on hilariously messy game show Double Dare, where host Liza Koshy introduced their team, “Double Dads,” by saying, “They love football and they love each other… That’s right – it’s about time we had double dads on Double Dare!”

We then learned that the couple, Liberty and Bryan, adopted sons Oscar and Marcos six years ago, and the adorable fact that the boys call Liberty “Papa” and Bryan “Dad.”

Double Dare is the kind of TV series you might find under a twitter hashtag like #onlytrue90skidswillknow — it originally ran from 1986 to 1993, and based its game-show format around incredibly messy physical challenges that often involved green slime, that staple of Nickelodeon programming in that era (see also You Can’t Do That On Television).

The show was hosted at the time by Marc Summers, who later revealed that he struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder — something that surely made life as the host of the messiest game show ever more difficult. The current incarnation of Double Dare began in June of 2018, and while Liza Koshy acts as the main host, Summers does appear as an occasional color commentator.

This episode of Double Dare is not the first time an LGBTQ couple has been shown on Nickelodeon — in 2016, a character on The Loud House was revealed to have two dads, and there was a lesbian romance in Legend of Korra — but both of these shows are animated cartoons. This episode of Double Dare marks the first time a real-life gay couple has appeared on the channel.

Watch the whole episode, and see if it lives up to your slimy memories, right here:

Photo via Nickelodeon

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