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Del. Mark Levine’s Rainbow Democrats Extravaganza Is The Best Thing Going In NoVA Tonight

This annual event in support of Mission 51 features special guest Danica Roem and a fun LGBTQ talent show featuring music, comedy, and more!

Marilyn Drew Necci | May 31, 2018

The General Assembly session may be over for the year, but Delegate Mark Levine is still staying busy, and as the month of May comes to a close, he and fellow General Assembly representative Danica Roem will be presenting an evening of LGBTQ music, comedy, and storytelling at Freddie’s Bar & Grill in Arlington tonight.

The second annual Rainbow Democrats Extravaganza finds Levine continuing in his ongoing message to bring Virginia Democrats together with what he calls “the Rainbow Community.” “Many local straight Democrats have never been to a gay bar before and have had little experience with gay culture,” Levine told GayRVA. “This wonderful talent show of humor, song, and storytelling at Freddie’s Beach Bar — the much loved and only gay bar in Northern Virgninia — tells our story with that special flourish endemic to the Rainbow Community.”

It’s also Levine’s goal to remind the Northern Virginia LGBTQ community that, regardless of how much time they spend in DC, Virginia is still their home, and the politics in our state matters. “Too often our community goes across the river to pursue their political aims, and the Rainbow Community sometimes needs reminding how hard local Virginia Democrats are working to promote equality in the place they call home,” Levine said. “The event also seeks to remind the NOVA Rainbow Community that the laws and regulations that govern their lives are more often determined in Richmond than in Washington, DC.”

There’ll certainly be more happening at this event than just political hobnobbing, though. The first Rainbow Democrats Extravaganza last year had some killer entertainment on offer, and Levine’s looking to up the ante this year. “Last year, in addition to comedy and song, we featured a man who was there during the original Stonewall riots,” he said. “This year, we have a fantastic live trans rock and roller playing on the stage.”

And there’s always the possibility of getting some music out of Levine’s fellow delegate in the bargain. While Danica Roem rightly received a ton of respect and attention these days as the first transgender person elected to statewide office in the entire country, she’s got quite the musical background as well. Her metal band, Cab Ride Home, was quite active in the early part of the decade, and while the music has taken a back seat to her political work, Roem can certainly still sing. Will we get some tunes out of her on this night? Anything’s possible.

That includes you getting on stage your own shiny self! Levine’s taking a the-more-the-merrier attitude towards participation in the talent show, and let us know that it’s not too late to get in on the shindig yourself. “Amateurs welcome!” he assured us when we spoke yesterday. “If you are part of the Rainbow Community and want to participate, please write me immediately at Mark@MarkforDelegate.com and we can see if we can fit you in.”

Whether you’re trying to showcase a talent, support the Democratic Party, or just have a great time the night before the official weekend kicks off, Freddie’s Bar and Grill, located at 555 23rd St in Arlington, is the place to be tonight.  The event kicks off at 7:30 PM, so if you head out of Richmond at 5, you should get there in plenty of time (just be sure to use the traffic-avoiding tools on your GPS).

Tickets, which benefit Mission 51, a group working to attain a Democratic majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, start at $50, and they’re marked down to $35 for Democrats under 35 years of age (I miss the days when that would have helped me out). Visit Delegate Levine’s website at MarkForDelegate.com to get a ticket of your own, and go strut your stuff at Freddie’s tonight!