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CuzImEdgy – Jack Twists last show at Babes

Jack has defiantly made a mark as part of Richmond Drag King History.

MichelleLivigne | July 1, 2013

Its Friday night, Babes is packed and Adam Lambert’s “for your entertainment” starts to play. IT’S JACK TWIST!! Babes of Carytown is having their monthly 4th Friday show and Jack twist is celebrating!! Its his farewell show. Jack has been here for 2 years in the Richmond drag scene and has made the decision to step back from drag and focus on starting a family wife his wife Brittany. Jack said “I have loved being apart of the Babes cast because of the family that is created there with both cast and the crowd.”

Jack drew inspiration form his cast mates, friends, family and the city its self. He also moved here with a slew of tricks up his sleeve, along with his numerous illusions: Edward Scissor Hands, the Mad Hatter, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Joker and recently Niel Patrick Harris.

So it’s Friday night at Babes, and the house was slammed packed, wall to wall full of TWIST FANS. Everyone is excited and happy to be part his last night, to watch the dynamic entertainer that he is him step down. He was joined by his cast mates Kelly Branch, Alexis Lesbiana, Una Vadalia, Michelle Livigne (MYSELF!), Chance Beemer, from Roanoke. Enya Salad and hosted by Sharon Husbands (aka Paula Dean YALL!)

Jack has defiantly made a mark as part of Richmond Drag King History. “Be yourself, Trying to be like someone else is a lot harder than looking inside of yourself to see what you have to offer the drag community,” said Twist when asked what aspiring Kings should do to follow in his foot steps.

Just like his opening number said HE WAS THERE FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT! Babes King and Queen show happens every 4th Friday at 3166 West Cary St. show time 9pm.