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‘Alice in Wonderbra’ tantalizes with raunchy retelling of a childhood tale

MadelyneAshworth | June 29, 2017

Alice has been reborn.

In a tantalizing retelling of a childhood favorite, local production company Burlesque Right Meow brought the characters of Alice in Wonderland to life in a rather raunchy performance.

This past Sunday, 11 burlesque performers were featured in Alice in Wonderbra: Through the Stripping Glass at Firehouse Theatre, and we can say for certain that Alice isn’t curious anymore.

The performance depicted an 18-year-old Alice who is returning to Wonderland once again for new ispiration and discovery. With the help of the Queen of Hearts, played by Venessa Chevelle, who hosted the show and goes by her stage name, Alice was able to see a new side of her old friends.

“This isn’t how I remember it,” repeated Alice, who is played by Sally Stardust, from her place in a chair on stage as she watched the White Rabbit strip the stopwatch and hula hoop down the rabbit hole, the Cheshire Cat do a different kind of disappearing act, and the Tweedle sisters hair pull and fan dance their way through Wonderland.

We also saw familiar faces such as the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and Knave of Hearts. An enthusiastic audience cheered on each performer as they stripped down to only thongs and nipple pasties.

When asked if they were enjoying the show, the Queen of Hearts ensured audience members replied, “Yes, Your Majesty.” Luckily, the Queen told the audience no one had to lose their head this time.

By the end of the performance, Alice was able to join in on the fun. The Red Queen and White Queen, played by Murphy Lawless and Scarlet Starlet, brought Alice on stage and fought for her attention. Eventually, Alice broke free from both queens, lost the innocent, blue dress and finished the show with some shimmies and shakes.

A very merry unbirthday, indeed! For a tease, check out the photos below:






In case you missed out on the madness, the Alice in Wonderbra show will perform again on July 8 in Washington, D.C. at the Bier Baron Tavern at 1523 22nd Street NW. For more information or to purchase tickets, check out their website.