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Aerica Lauren Celebrates the Release of Summer Forever at Sound of Music Saturday

The LGBTQ singer-songwriter's new album is her best work yet, and she's excited to present it to the city and the world tomorrow night.

Marilyn Drew Necci | March 30, 2018

Local singer-songwriter Aerica Lauren is taking things to the next level. Having already done quite a bit to enhance her profile around town with her 2016 LP, If You Are Home, Welcome Home and her Song-A-Day challenge last April, she’s really kicked it up a notch with her brand new LP, Summer Forever. She’ll be celebrating the album’s release Saturday night with a “heckin dope MUSIC PARTY,” to use her words, at Sound Of Music Studios.

While the lyrics of Summer Forever‘s title track (“I feel like it’s been summer forever. I need the seasons to remind me time is real”) might seem ironic as winter continues to overstay its welcome here in Virginia, the gentle beauty of the album as a whole is just what the doctor ordered, regardless of what it’s looking like outside on the day you listen. Lauren worked on the album for the past year, traveling to other states for recording and enlisting the help of over half a dozen friends, who lend their talents as support to Lauren’s excellent songcraft.

Between the fleshed-out instrumentation and the professional studio recording, Summer Forever has a fuller, richer sound than any of Lauren’s previous work, but as always, her voice is the star of the show. “Though quiet and restrained in volume, there’s a pull in her voice and words that most will feel when they come across her music,” GayRVA correspondent Doug Nunnally wrote in our previous full profile of Lauren (which you should check out if you aren’t already familiar with this excellent local musician). It’s truer than ever on her new album; on songs like “Almost,” her voice rises up from the music to grab your attention so completely that you might not perceive the gorgeous excellence of its musical backing on first listen. But rest assured, it’s there.

At Sound Of Music Saturday night, Lauren will be performing her new album live, and even without the backing band that graces the recording, you’re sure to feel the impact of her strong songs and quietly powerful voice. She’ll be joined at this show by Billy Bacci, another local songwriter with whom she shared a split release in 2014. Also on the bill will be Pennsylvania’s Mountain Chaser, featuring Morgan Laubach, who contributed keyboards to Summer Forever. In light of this fact, it certainly seems possible that we’ll see Lauren engage in some form of musical collaboration with one or more of her opening artists at some point during her set. But we can’t promise anything — you’ll just have to go to the show and find out for yourself!

Aerica Lauren’s album release party for Summer Forever will take place at Sound Of Music Studios, located at 1710 Altamont Ave in Scott’s Addition, on Saturday, March 31. Doors open at 7 PM, music will start at 8:30, admission is $7, and you better believe there will be merchandise available for purchase. Bring some extra cash and grab a copy of Summer Forever for yourself. You won’t regret it. For more info about this event, click here.

Top Photo by Brett Denfield Photography