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‘A Day for Us’ spotlights women, minority and LGBTQ owned businesses at Lakeside Farmers Market 3/12

CharlotteWoods | March 9, 2017

The last time GayRVA spoke with Abby Waller, we learned about Dayum This Is My Jam, which crafts fusion flavor jams with whimsical names, as she waxed poetic about getting more involved in activism.  Now, Waller is part of the organizational efforts behind an event that will raise awareness for women and minorities as well as small business owners.

The event, titled A DAY FOR US: Women & Minority Maker’s Market + Awareness Event, will contain information booths where attendees can learn about local causes and organizations with missions to promote equality for all citizens.  The event will take place from 1 to 4pm on March 12 at Lakeside Farmer’s Market.  Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, and  Virginia Pride are among the participating groups.

“There is no vendor fee. This is NOT about promoting my business,” Waller said. “It is 1000 percent about attempting to create a space for women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and asking people to show up and support them…support us.”

Some local businesses that will also participate are The Heathen Homestead, Holly Sullivan Prints  and Garnett Jewelry.  The full list of vendors can be seen here.

“Seriously, fuck Walmart and giant stores literally doing the bare minimum for their employees,” Waller said. “These vendors, many of them giving their day off to do this, have more heart in their pinky finger than those largely white, cis gender men-owned corporations do combined. We work harder than any big box boss or CEO and that’s what makes us the real Boss Babes and Biz owners.”

The event is inspired by A Day Without A Woman. Waller claims she originally planned to host her event on the same date, March 8, but not everyone wishing to come would have been able to take a day off work to attend.

Weather forecasts predict that it may snow during the weekend, but Waller remains optimistic and will consider relocating the event to the indoor portion of the farmer’s market if needed.

“Weather may not be on our side,” Waller said. “But we hope the people of Richmond and surrounding areas will be!”