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2019 Is About To Get A Whole Lot Queerer

A Queer As Folk reboot offers a lot of promise in the new year, but will Bravo succeed in updating a beloved classic for our modern era?

Ash Griffith | January 1, 2019

Get your drink orders ready and grab your shiniest pants, because we’re about to head back to Babylon. The iconic American series of the 2000s, based on the UK drama of the same name, Queer as Folk, is about to make a return to our televisions in 2019.

The series featured the stories of four gay men in their twenties struggling to get through life in post-Y2K Pittsburgh (and, in the original drama created by Russell T. Davies, late 90s England). However, if you are looking for a sequel to tell you where Brian Kinney, Michael Novotny, and Emmett Honeycutt are now, you unfortunately are going to have to head back to the land of fanfiction. Variety has reported that, while not too much is currently known about the series, we do know that it will be a reboot rather than a direct sequel.

Davies is reportedly signed on to executive-produce, with Closet Monster‘s Stephen Dunn set to write the series, which is currently in production by Bravo. The series will feature an entirely new cast, but is described as a group of friends who find support in the wake of a tragedy.

This brings to mind a lot of questions, mostly about whether the tragedy in question is the bombing at Babylon that the series ended on. Will it be that, or something entirely different? Depending on how this is approached, it could leave the door open for original characters to return.

Interestingly, we did examine Queer as Folk in a previous GayRVA article this past summer, in which we discussed whether or not the series holds up in the current day. Needless to say, there is a lot that the series would need to change or update in order to make it work in 2019. Daniel Lipman, executive producer of the original US series, agreed that the series would need a massive makeover to keep up today.

“If somebody wanted Queer as Folk, that kind of energy, you’d have to go back and you’d have to cast young people,” Lipman told Entertainment Weekly. “And with Tinder and Grindr, it’s a very, very different world than it used to be.”

As someone who grew up with the original in a time when our options were either Will & Grace or the gay sidekick on the sitcom of the moment, I’m very interested in this. However, there is so much that I and the rest of us here at GayRVA definitely want to see finally happen. What are you looking forward to with this reboot? Tell us in the comments on Facebook.